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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Referral to see a Psychologist at Samford Psychology?

No. You are welcome to self-refer by calling the practice directly on (07) 3289 2992. People who see us at Samford Psychology are often referred by their GPs under a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP), however you can also be referred by your GP and see us under your Private Health Cover, or just refer yourself by giving us a call. We can discuss referral options with you when you ring.

Do you cover Mental Health Care Plans (MHCP)?

Yes. Clients may be referred by their GPs under a MHCP. Not all clients are eligible for a MCHP, but if you are, it allows you to receive up to 10 psychology sessions per calendar year for which you can claim a Medicare Rebate. We offer the convenience of being able to process your Medicare Rebate directly at the time of consultation, rather than having to go to Medicare.

Clients on a MHCP who are unable to afford any gap fee may be bulk-billed after discussion with your treating psychologist. Please note that this is NOT an automatic process on a MHCP, it is at the discretion of the treating psychologist and will take into consideration your individual financial circumstances. 

What are your fees?

At Samford Psychology we believe that therapy should be of extremely high quality, whilst remaining affordable.

We understand that some people in need of psychological assistance may be under significant financial stress and, accordingly, the practice has a range of fee structures.

What is your full fee gap to see a psychologist?

Full fees vary across psychologists and have been set at a level that keeps the gap fee consistent between psychologists that are Clinically or Generally registered with Medicare.

As of January 2024, the gap fee is approximately $120. This is subject to change as either Medicare rebates (if referred under an MHCP or GP Management Plan) or consulting fees may change over time.

Fees for Provisionally Registered Psychologists are set at the same amount as the gap for Full-fee paying clients seeing Generally or Clinically Registered Psychologists. There are no rebates that can be claimed for seeing Provisionally Registered Psychologists.

Do you negotiate fees?

Where possible, the practice prefers to charge a full fee for psychology consultations. However, if you are unable to afford the full fee, all psychologists are able to negotiate fees with clients as necessary, in order to determine a more manageable gap fee.

Do you bulk bill?

All psychologists offer a limited number of bulk-billing appointments each working day. These timeslots are usually only available between the hours of 10am – 3pm.

Early morning, late afternoon and extended hours are reserved for full-fee paying clients who find it difficult to attend at other times due to work.

Can I claim my sessions on private health cover?

If clients have private health cover, it may be possible to receive a rebate from your health fund provider for psychological or psychiatric services. It is not possible to receive both a Medicare rebate and a Private Health Fund rebate for the same session. However, clients may choose to alternate between privately funded sessions and Medicare rebated sessions to make therapy more affordable – or may choose to use Private Health Fund rebates if they exceed the maximum of 10 Medicare sessions per calendar year, or if they do not qualify for a MHCP referral initially.